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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS 888

Internet Routing Architectures


Introduction and Expectations

  • Course introduction & expectations
  • Course website overview

Evolution of the Internet Architecture

  • NAPs, Autonomous Systems, etc.

IP Services and Characteristics

  • Internet Protocol review
  • ISPs
  • Basics, forwarding versus routing
  • IP address depletion

Routing Protocols

  • Distance vector and link state, Dijkstra's algorithm
  • IGPs and EGPs
  • Overview of RIP, OSPF, ISIS
  • Introduction to BGP - EBGP and IBGP

Interior Routing Protocols

  • RIP details
    • messages and state machines
  • OSPF details
    • messages and state machines

Interdomain Routing and BGP

  • Border Gateway Protocol details
    • messages and state machines
    • route aggregation
  • Multicast - MBGP

Policy and BGP

  • BGP decision process
  • Access lists, prefix lists, AS paths, Community
  • Route maps
  • Attributes - AS_Path, local preference, MED, Community, ATOMIC_AGGREGATE, Aggregator, Origin, NEXT_HOP, AS-SET
  • Route filtering

Architecture and BGP

  • Redundancy, symmetry, load balancing
  • Confederations, route reflectors

Advanced Topics

  • Wireless Routing
  • Peer-to-Peer Routing